Short information about the sites we founded (not all listed)...

Recorded Amiga Games was our biggest project. Devoted to the Amiga computer by Commodore! It was founded in October 2005 and had over 1000 longplays online (A longplay is a play-through of a computer or video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible).

Recorded C64 Games was a sister site to Recorded Amiga Games. This site was launched just two months after we closed our sites. So it was a short-lived site.

Longplays of Commodore 64 games.

Hipoonios Amiga Site was a personal Amiga website. There was a bit of everything. BBS, Downloads, Hardware projects and stuff.

Ruff 'n' Tumble was one of the best platformers ever released for the Amiga. This is the browser version of the game!

Stellan's Hemsida was a personal site made for a friend.

* The website is in Swedish only.

Jeppes Hemsida was the less visited site on our server :) I wonder why?

Big Amiga Links Directory was a site with a large collection of links to many Amiga sites.

Retro Gaming 4 Ever was a site for flash games development.

Ironclaw, the guy who was the webmaster of the the site made many flash games to our other sites.

Classic Game Tunes was the number one site with music for video games. There were thousands of tunes. It's was also possible to create your own playlist of your favourite games.

Amiga Porno was the place where all pornographic material ever released for the Amiga was collected.

There was a lot of games, slideshows and demos to download. There was also a unique flash game, made for just this site. Flossy the Game! :D

This site had thousands of docs and manuals ripped from various disks. All content could be viewed online or be downloaded.

Video walkthroughs of video games.

This site still exists today. But another guy took over it. And now it really sucks.