Ruff 'n' Tumble was one of the best platformers ever released for the Amiga. Now can you play it in a special version in your browser!

In this version of the game you must fight bosses from other games that have taken over the world. So what are you waiting for? Start your mission NOW before it's too late!

You start off on the Map-level. On this level you see doors numbered 1-12. You need to play all doors in order to finish the game. Every second door is a boss level. Make sure you have not lost too much life on the level before the boss, or else it might be very difficult to kill the boss. After the boss is dead you will get full lives.

The main objective on each level is to collect enough coloured marbles to open the Exit Door. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are many enemies out to stop you, so kill them before they kill You! Also, on most levels you need to find and use keys to open doors.

You see how many marbles you have left to collect on the panel locatated at bottom of the screen.

The controls are simple: You use the cursor keys. Up, Down, Left, Right and Space to shoot.

Look everywhere! There can be hidded rooms in the walls, with bonus items! You really need those if want the big highscore!

Everytime you kill a boss you receive a password. Make a note of it so you can continue playing where you left off. Just in case if you should die.

Wunderkind - The original developers. And all games we have ripped graphics and music from, we can't tell which games they are here because that would spoil the game.