Date: 2010-09-11
From: Ironclaw
Subject: A combo system might be implemented soon...
Message: So don't work too hard on your scores , but play alot anyway so you get used to the game more thus knowing how to beat the game easier with less hearts lost + more points gained.

This new combo system (if implemented) will give the most skilled (or lucky ) players bonus points for killing X(X) enemies in X(X) seconds. This might be added because at the moment there is a delicate points limit. If you kill all enemies and collect all items + have all hitpoints when a boss die, you will reach maximum possible points. Now, this is of course not that easy, but sooner or later more than one will manage it. So, that's why this would be a good idea to implement... it will make it way harder to reach maximum possible points.

Some suggested a timer in the game instead, making faster speed = more score, I don't want this as I don't want the players to stress. They should take it easy, plan out their moves and not rush into things and maybe get killed, as they only have 5 hit points, then game over (unless they collect new ones).

We'll see

A combo system might be implemented soon... (2010-09-11, Ironclaw)