Date: 2010-09-10
From: Ironclaw
Subject: RE: music?
Message: * Yeah, Hipoonios shouldn't have given the title of his threads/posts like "Ruff 'n' Tumble: The Flash Game!" as it clearly sounds like it's a direct port. Told him so aswell , too lazy to change it he said

* In my opinion the music fits perfectly , we all have different taste.

* About the lack of enemies and robot spawners, I couldn't be arsed to rip more gfx to implement more enemies and stuff. And levels being too empty is that for a reason. This is a highscore based game, I want the player to with not too much trouble finish the game so alot of people can compete for the best score. If I added more enemies and made it harder it would not be fun to play as they have no continues, just their 5 hit points.

* The game still has some glitches, like it sometimes shoots a couple of bullets (so it's nothing, and never happens to me if you know how to work the controlls) in the wrong direction before it realises what direction the player is in, and the coins doesn't land properly on the floor sometimes... just minor stuff which I see as no biggies... so can't be arsed to fix.

* About shooting up-left and up-right without running is absolutely no problem, it's flawless. If your player starts to run when you press up+left + fire, maybe your keyboard has limits? Some keyboard do. If not, just hold fire and THEN up/left up/right. It's copied from the original game, works the same way.


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