Date: 2010-09-10
From: Gzegzolka
Subject: music?
Message: When I seen it I thought it will be straight port of amiga version, but now I see it is something more like Oscar or Trolls where player start on hub map and than select other levels (it could be good idea). If I can rate it I will give You 7/10 stars.
I do not mind music and this is bad thing (are those voice clips from Chaos Engine?), on amiga Richard Joseph's techno rock was worth to play in hippoplayer or on pc under delitracker. It was awesome and fast, that fit that game perfect. This one fit good, but it lack of soul.
Level design is good, but where are other weapons and robot floor spawners? First level is too empty.
Graphic is perfect old pixel style, just like original was. Nice to see You try to use as many title sets as it is possible.

You have to work on this game bit more, while jumping and shooting if player change his direction his gun will still shooting in old direction sometimes, also shooting up and up-left, up-right is hard to do on keyboard without running left or right. Fix it and You will have 8/10 stars

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