Date: 2010-09-29
From: Ironclaw
Subject: RE: RE: RE: thanks
Message: Because it's unfair... the game is done... people play many times to get a great score... if I would add more levels now it just means more score will be obtainable, and those who have played like crazy to get their score would have done it in vain and have to start all over (which they probably wouldn't cuz they are pissed off)...

So I won't add more levels or anything that can give more score.

And, this game is meant to be a game where people compete about the best score... so it can't be too long, as that would just ruin the fun of it... not fun to try to beat someone's score when you have to play though tons of levels... just frustrating... so it's short and easy so people can have more fun and faster work on their score...

It's not meant to be a normal game.. if it was, I would have made it much harder and more levels, bosses and enemies.

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