Date: 2010-09-13
From: Ironclaw
Subject: RE: RE: RE: music?
Message: * Well there's "Mashup" in title so let stay there.
- Yup, as it's a mix of different games in one.

* that's Your taste, my is different
- Yup, I said that already in my post

* thanks for combo system, about spawners - they should work as in original, spawn robot when robot on level is destroyed, but spawn only few times end shutdown so players will not earn endless points.
- If I added those spawners, of course they would only spawn a limited amount of robots, duh . But I just couldn't be arsed to rip more sprites, which I've already said in other post... so no spawners,

*about keyboard - i have laptop so this can be cause of my limits
- This is a common problem. Certain keyboards don't like certain combinations. Usually cheap ones have this problem. Some only have one restriction of combinations, others have a whole bunch... some don't even like ANY 3 keys down at the same time... cheap manufacturer. It doesn't matter if it's a laptop or normal keyboard... laptop keyboards doesn't necessarily have worse keyboard. I stopped using stationary computers years ago. My last 3 computers has been laptops. I remember no restrictions on the first two, but this one, my latest (expensive gaming laptop) doesn't like a+s+d at the same time, so I have to remap those keys in fighting games.

Several people have already complained about how they can't shoot up/right or up/left. Only think happens is they walk instead. Well, either they press up/right before fire, then ofc they will not shoot, or they have a cheap keyboard. Hold fire THEN press direction... like in the original game.


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